Stow, OH

Concrete Leveling in Stow, OH

Stow is a city in Summit County, Ohio. The original 25 square mile township of Stow was founded in 1804 and later, most of the township was incorporated into a city in 1957. Today, the city covers an area of 17.31 square miles. It is a suburb of Akron. The climate of the area is a humid continental climate meaning it typically has very warm, humid summers and cold, snowy winters. There are over 34,000 people that reside within the city and there are over 15,000 homes that accommodate them. There are also many businesses in the area that serve them.
All of these properties utilize concrete for driveways, walkways, sidewalks, parking lots, and more. Concrete can become cracked or uneven from the constant stress of vehicles driving or people walking on top of it. The weather can also take a toll on it. Rain, snow, and wind can cause the soil underneath the concrete to shift or even wear down the concrete surface. This can be dangerous for vehicles and people using these concrete surfaces and structures. Thankfully, there are many concrete services that can help restore concrete to the state it should be in.

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Is your concrete sidewalk or walkway uneven? Our concrete leveling service can fix this safety issue for you. We can make your concrete surface level again for you. If there are structural concerns that prevent us from leveling your concrete surface, our contractors can do a pad replacement instead. We also offer concrete restoration services for stone walls such as retaining walls. Contact us today for a quote on your concrete service!

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