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Orrville, OH is a small city located 20 miles southwest of Akron. The famous Smucker’s brand is headquartered in the city and employs thousands of Ohioans. With less than 10,000 residents, Orrville has a small-city feel and the local community is tight-knit and committed to its roots. The hard-working culture of this city does not go unnoticed.
The Orrville, OH weather is unpredictable, but the summers are hot & humid before the cold and snow begin to penetrate the area. During the winter, the thaw and freeze cycles create a high chance of water intrusion which can result in the deterioration of your concrete. Not only can the freeze and thaw cause deterioration, but it can cause the ground to shift, causing unlevel ground, resulting in your concrete rising or sinking. When this happens, the experienced crew at Kat’s Concrete Leveling will repair or replace your concrete reliably and affordably. 

Call For High-Quality Concrete Leveling!

If you live in the Orrville, OH area and require concrete leveling, restoration, or pad replacement, Kat’s Concrete Leveling is your top choice. We have decades of concrete experience and have been servicing this area since we started in 2006. We understand how the elements impact your concrete slab and our services come with a guarantee! You can rest easy knowing you have Kat’s taking care of all your concrete needs.
If you are interested in learning more about our concrete leveling services, or anything else for your Orrville, OH property, give us a call today. We promise to provide prompt, reliable, and elite customer service.
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Kat’s Concrete Leveling is temporarily ceasing operations (concrete leveling) until we are able to resolve staffing issues.  

Thank you, Kat’s Concrete Leveling