Canton, OH

Canton, OH

Canton, OH was founded in 1805, incorporated as a village in 1822, and re-incorporated as a city in 1838. Canton has a population of 73,000, making Canton eighth among Ohio cities in population. Canton was a heavy manufacturing center because of its numerous railroad lines but diversified into the service economy, including retailing, education, finance and healthcare after shifts in the manufacturing industry led to the relocation or downsizing of many factories and workers. 
Canton is currently experiencing an urban renaissance in its downtown area. Several historic buildings have been rehabilitated and converted into upscale lofts which are attracting thousands of new residents to the city! Residents in Canton know that they can turn to Kat’s Concrete Leveling LLC for concrete leveling, restoration, and more!

Concrete Leveling Services & More

Since 2006, Kat’s Concrete Leveling LLC has been providing concrete leveling services to residents in Canton and beyond.
We understand the importance of putting our customers first! If you have any questions about our services, please reach out to us today.
Our services include:
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Kat’s Concrete Leveling is temporarily ceasing operations (concrete leveling) until we are able to resolve staffing issues.  

Thank you, Kat’s Concrete Leveling